GatorPro® 7" Round Barrel Hinge




Pro Gate Supply has helped local contractors in the Los Angeles area for the past two decades and is now ready to serve you online. The GatorPro line features a one stop shop for all home and business heavy duty gate components from hinges and rollers to welding tabs. The GatorPro hinges manufactured by Pro Gate Supply are top of the line barrel hinges with grease zerk fittings that require little to almost no effort to maintain. Coated to finish in black, these can be easily painted over with by your color of choice.
  • 900 lbs capacity per pair
  • 7" length
  • 1" Barrel width
  • Grease zerk fitting
  • Ball bearing for an easy pivot 
  • Weld-on installation
  • Painted Black
  • Heavy duty, commercial grade build
  • Sold in pairs. (Price for 2 hinges.)

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