Pressed Steel Cap


Size: 1-1/4"


  • Square post caps fit on top of square posts usually to prevent water from corroding the inside post while still being decorative.
  • Ideal to complete a variety of fencing projects in extreme weather conditions or with extreme architectural requirements.
  • The sizes listed are the size of your posts. If your post measures 1-1/4 you may order the 1-1/4 for a perfect fit.
  • Paint after installing to match the post and prevent from rusting
  • Maintenance Free and is able to weather all seasons
  • No welding necessary - cap fits tight, you may apply exterior caulk to the underside of the post cap for a tighter fit.
  • 19 GA thickness for PC-METAL-112
  • 19 GA thickness for PC-METAL-114
  • 18 GA thickness for PC-METAL-2, PC-METAL-3, PC-METAL-4

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